The ultimate token for
digital assets based on BSC

We endeavor to build bridges between digital asset users and investors to facilitate staking, farming, gaming and so much more.

As an investor, you will get robust information that can play an enormous role in making the right decisions about your investment in any of the use cases on our platform.

Main problem of the
current market?

  • Lack of transparency

    Hiding and non-verifiction of source codes is one of the ways current platforms keep their users at their mercy by not making their source codes open to the public, this puts investors at risk and they could be gamed at anytime.

  • No high passive income source

    Most platforms offer some kind of returns to users or investors, however, they do this with little returns that ties the investors down for longer than they would have wanted before they make a decent profit.

  • Favours only expert and big traders

    Current platforms are built with no much consideration of the newbies. One has to have large capital to be able to make a decent profit and have some very good skills set to target the farming properly.

Our proposal

BAFI is built on the BSC protocol or blockchain as most people like to call it, with an open source code to show there are no bad scripts or backdoors on the platform, and to allow for public auditing. Our scource code can be found on Github and Etherscan.

BAFI gives offers multiple income through its various use case. Gamers are able to earn from staking against a game played on the platform, be it a dice or spin, and are completely verifiable on the blockchain. With a guarantee of over $30,000 being farmed everyday, investors are sure guaranteed to be well rewarded for keeping up the value of BAFI.

BAFI ecosystem is designed to not just favour expert investors, but new comers as well who may not know the right direction of market in terms of investing principle. They can just stake and be guaranteed profits. This makes it a win win for everyone.

Why BAFI is different


Open Source

BAFI is an open source project. Our code are available on github as an open source project and verified.

Easy to use app

Easy to use cases

Utilizing the power of the global community and the sharing economy to tear down the barriers and revolutionize the old & inefficient financial systems in our use cases.



We support a wide range of wallets. Metamask, Trustwallet, Coinbase and all web3 enabled browser wallets.


Dedicated Team

Our team have worked in different projects that scaled and are well experienced in working with BSC protocols.

Token details

Total amount of BAFI released is 100,000. 40% is available for tokensale. No additional token releases will take place.The remaining tokens are locked in liquidity pool .

Ticker BAFI
Platform BSC
Token Name BAFI Finance
Available for sale 40,000
Presale Price 0.01 BNB
Hard Cap 400 BNB